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Dubrovnik on your own

Explore Dubrovnik on your own.

One of the most beautiful cityscapes in the Mediterranean, historic city walls and a beautiful incidence of light – all this is Dubrovnik. Thanks to these components the city is, among other things, the location for the famous series “Game of Thrones”. For centuries, Dubrovnik was an independent city republic and an important trading centre between the Levant, North Africa and the Mediterranean. A trip on your own in Dubrovnik is therefore worthwhile!

Highlights for Dubrovnik on your own

Walk through the old town and along the city walls

Absolutely worthwhile is a walk through the car-free old town of Dubrovnik. Most buses stop at the “Pile Gate”, one of the three entrances to the UNSECO World Heritage Site, Dubrovnik’s Old Town.

Besides the picturesque little streets, the spectacular city walls are particularly impressive. With a total length of almost 6561.6 ft (2000m) and a width of 10 to 20 ft (3 to 6 m) you have a great view of the mainland, of Dubrovnik and of the beautiful bay in front of the city. Unfortunately, so much beauty has its price: adults pay about 24.5 GBP for a walk on the city walls.

Of course, in the alleyways of Dubrovnik there are also numerous small shops and souvenir stands, so that there are also enough opportunities for the shopping tour.

Spectacular views with the Cable-Car

With the cable car you can easily and comfortably drive up to the local mountain Srdj (approx. 2,559 ft (780 m) above sea level). From here you have a breathtaking panoramic view over Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea. With the typical Mediterranean townscape of small alleys and red tiled roofs, the numerous islands in front of the bay and the deep blue sea, the view on clear days is one of the most beautiful in the whole Mediterranean area.

The cable car is best reached via the northern exit of the old town. Just follow the Zagrebacka street, slightly offset to the right, to the end. Immediately on the right is the valley station of the cable car. Here you can also buy tickets (approx. 18 GBP for the ascent and descent).

Banje Beach

Only 5 minutes walk east from the old town is the city beach Banje Beach. Especially during the midday heat, a (half) day at the beach is certainly a welcome alternative for every cruise passenger.

Banje has both a public and a private section, the latter unfortunately only for an entrance fee. But you can also reserve a couch and order drinks here.

Sailing trips and boat trips

The Adriatic Sea is famous for its beautiful rock formations along the coast and therefore one of the most popular sailing areas in the world. The marinas are located either in the immediate vicinity of the cruise liners (virtually on the other side of the bay) or at the eastern exit of the old town. In both places you will find various skippers and agencies that offer excursions on sailing or motor boats.

Landausfluug in Dubrovnik

Things to know for shore excursions in Dubrovnik

Cruise lines and routes

With 1 million passengers per year, Dubrovnik is one of the largest and most important cruise ports in the Adriatic and Eastern Mediterranean. In the meantime, many cruise lines have discovered the Adriatic Sea as an attractive shipping area. And along with Venice, Dubrovnik is one of the destinations included in most routes.

Entry and visa

Citizens of the U.K. did not (and do not) need visas to visit Croatia. Visitors can visit Croatia for up to 90 days in any 180 day period. … If you do need a visa, please contact the Croatian Embassy in your country for more information.

Most cruise lines allow an Adriatic cruise with an identity card. However, depending on the entry requirements of the cruise line and other ports of call, you may be required to carry a valid passport.

Please contact the cruise line for information about the valid entry requirements.

National Currency

The Croatian national currency is the kuna. It is recommended to exchange a few pounds at the cruise terminal or to withdraw kuna from one of the ATMs.

But of course, many providers in the city (shops, restaurants) also accept credit cards. Here you have to pay attention to the offered exchange rate.

Travel time

During the winter months the cruise lines in the Adriatic offer only a few routes and ships. The season runs classically between March and November.

High season in the Adriatic is the summer months. Especially in the more southern approaches, to which also Dubrovnik belongs, it can become very hot. Peak temperatures beyond 35° are not uncommon. But there is a dry Mediterranean climate with very little rain.

We therefore recommend to switch to spring and autumn. Here you can find some of the much cheaper cruises, and especially the shore excursions are much more pleasant due to the milder temperatures.

Transfer to the cruise ship port terminal

  • Distance of the airport from the port: 12.4 miles (20 kilometres). Cruise lines like AIDA offer shuttles. An alternative, which does not have to be booked in advance, is to travel by taxi or bus.
  • Taxi: About 10 minutes journey.
  • Airport bus: Takes you to the city centre of Dubrovnik (Pile Tor), with bus lines 1, 1a and 1b continuing directly to the port.
  • Car: Rent one at the airport and get to the port for a few pounds.

How do I get to the city centre?

About 1.8 miles (3 km) from the port of Dubrovnik lies the old town. You can reach it on foot within 45 minutes. The whole old town is a pedestrian zone, so the different sights are not very far apart.

On the one hand, you can explore the old town through the big straight street, the so-called promenade Stradun or also Placa. Another possibility would be over the city wall, which once goes around the old town. However, this path consists of many stairs and ascents.

Local public transport

To get from the port to the old town of Dubrovnik you can take the bus. The bus station is located just outside the port area. From there the bus lines 1, 1a, 1b, 3 and 8 go to the city centre. They stop at Brsalje Square directly in front of the Pile Tor. The trip costs 15 kuna, which is about 1.8 pound.


From the port you can also take a taxi. The ride to the old town is the equivalent of about 12 pounds. In general, taxis are obliged to use the taximeter.

Shuttle buses

The cruise lines offer a shuttle bus service between the port and Brsalje Square in front of the Pile Tor. From there you can walk to the old town. The fare here is the equivalent of about 9 pounds per person.

Locomotion in Dubrovnik

In Dubrovnik there are many different ways to explore the city.

Public transport

The city buses in Dubrovnik are a cheap and reliable alternative to explore Dubrovnik on your own during your stay. The buses are operated by the Libertas company and there are ten lines in total. The city centre is best connected to the rest of the city, where you will also find the central bus stop at Brsalje Square. You can buy tickets either at a Libertas kiosk for 12 kuna or directly from the bus driver for 15 kuna. Please note, however, that the bus driver does not give out any money so you should pay accordingly. The special thing is that you can also use the ticket for the return journey as long as the journey time is not over an hour. Otherwise a day ticket for 30 kuna is also suitable. You can get information about the Libertas bus network and timetables in advance.

City tour

In the old town itself you can only move around on foot. If you want to get to know the surrounding area, a city tour with the company Sightseeing Dubrovnik is suitable. During the tour the peninsula Lapad is also visited. The first tour starts at 10:00 a.m. and then starts every two hours.

Shore excursions on your own

Under our category “On your own” you will find at “My Cruise Excursion” among other things also means of transport like the cable car and many other aids to explore Dubrovnik individually.


Taxis are a good and cheap way to explore the city. You drive with a taxi foot and there is always a basic charge of 27 Kuna (~3.2 pounds). Per mile you will be charged 14.4 kuna (~1.6 pounds). Alternatively you can take a round trip for an hourly rate of 385 kuna (~47 pounds).

On foot

Since you can only get around the old town of Dubrovnik on foot anyway, many beautiful corners and sights can be explored in this way. You can stroll along the Stradun promenade and get an impression of the historic old town. Alternatively, you can walk around the city on the city wall. The entrance is directly at the Pile Tor, but the path involves many stairs and ascents.

Cable train

A special highlight to discover Dubrovnik in more detail is the cable train, which takes you up to the local mountain Srd. Arriving at the top of the terraces, you can enjoy the breathtaking view from the panorama restaurant. In the valley you will find the station in the Ulica kralja Petra Krešimira IV. The cost for the round trip is about 13.6 pounds.

Tourist information, sights and much more can be found on the information platform for Dubrovnik.

Website port operator and tourism organisation

Alternatives to excursions on your own

Do you want to enjoy some input on the destination Dubrovnik from a local tour guide? Then choose a guided shore excursion from “My Cruise Excursion”. You will be picked up directly at the ship and experience the whole excursion in a small group. Not only a familiar atmosphere, but also a lot of interesting information about the country, its people and stories await you.

In Dubrovnik, “My Cruise Excursion” offers various cruise excursions, so there is something for everyone. The Game of Thrones fans will get their money’s worth. In addition, you are covered by the punctual return to ship guarantee and accident insurance. Experience Dubrovnik in a very special way:

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