4.8 / 5
65 Ratings for Ganztägige Panoramatour zu Land und zu Wasser (Visum inklusive)
S. Gisler - 06/01/2017
(translated) Super care and service! Unforgettable and relaxed excursions!
Tsui Ting Li - 05/30/2017
(translated) Everything was very well organized. In the future I would also like to book on My shore excursions.
Tsui Ting Li - 05/30/2017
(translated) "Full day panoramic tour on land and water" is highly recommended. We had the perfect tour guide and went out of our way to make us feel comfortable in St. Petersburg. The very nice driver drove us everywhere to the sights and had enough time to take photos. What was particularly good is that we were a very small group of 6 people. Everything went smoothly and perfectly. There was nothing to complain about. I would do the tour again anytime.
Harald - 10/13/2019
(translated) Interesting tour with a Russian, good German speaking guide with extensive history and object knowledge. Could have described a little better which building she's talking about. The lunch break was significantly shorter than planned. Allow tip for guide (approx. 10%) and bus driver (approx. 5%) in banknotes (euros possible).
Zwirnis - 08/21/2019
(translated) On August 4th, 2019, we took part in the excursion 'Full-day panoramic tour by land and water (visa included)' in St. Petersburg with 6 people. Everything worked wonderfully both with the entry (visa) and the collection at the port. Our tour guide was very competent and friendly. Your German was very good. The distributed headphones and receivers were very good for the group of 20 people, so you could follow the explanations even if you weren't at the forefront. Unfortunately our tour guide didn't always speak into the microphone. Our tour guide accompanied us through the day with a lot of humor and passed on a lot of interesting facts. When the group was on foot, the walking pace was marginal for our two seniors. The break at the Kazan Cathedral was good for the two. It would also have been good for the size of the group if the tour guide had an identification mark (e.g. umbrella, ...). The 'end' of the day in a large 'department store', which was 'just' a souvenir shop - would not have been necessary, especially the duration of about an hour has to be reconsidered. All in all, it was a nice day that was well organized and on which we saw a lot. In the future, we will surely check again and again at 'My shore excursions' for a suitable excursion.
Rainer u. Helga - 08/13/2019
(translated) We had a nice day trip in St. Petersburg. Very interesting and very entertaining, the tour guide and the driver did a very good job. We enjoyed it, gladly again. I can recommend it. Thanks mfg R. H.
Jürgen - 07/25/2019
(translated) Very interesting and eventful excursion in less than perfect weather. Tour guide was very good and conveyed everything worth knowing in an entertaining way. The only point of criticism was the complete cancellation of the announced lunch break due to time problems caused by crowding of the churches and traffic chaos. So the trip for our grandchildren was very exhausting. Perhaps a little less program would have been more comfortable overall. The boat trip was relaxing and this resulted in an overall recommendable excursion. 'My shore excursions' was convincing.
Simone - 06/26/2019
(translated) We made the trip on June 11th, 2019. We were a fairly large group of 27 people, but overall this was not annoying because of the headphones. The young tour guide Sonja was very nice and committed. She was born in St. Petersburg and had extensive insider and historical knowledge. She consistently provided us with interesting information. Overall, a very nice, easy trip. The free lunch break was also very nice to get a little impression of myself. The boat trip was also a highlight and you got another perspective on this beautiful city. The only point of criticism, unfortunately, as we actually stated in the excursion description, we did not see the Hermitage from the outside. This was probably due to a communication problem between the tour guide and the skipper. We drove past the Summer Palace, which was also very nice, but of course the Winter Palace is the real highlight of the city. Overall, however, a really very nice, informative excursion with a great tour guide. The return to the ship was made on time. To be recommended at any time with a clear conscience as a 'more individual' and inexpensive alternative to the shipping company excursions !!
Josef - 06/04/2019
(translated) The organization went great, pickup, driver and tour guide. Unfortunately, the group was larger than expected - approx. 25 people - and the bus was very tight and poorly sprung, but in Russia you can see over it. We have learned a lot and seen everything as announced, your organization can be recommended.
Klaus - 11/06/2018
(translated) Everything went well, it was as we imagined. On the next cruise I look at her side again ..