Shore Excursion in St. Petersburg

Shore Excursions in St. Petersburg

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Useful information for your excursions around St. Petersburg

Below you can find all information you need about the most beautiful tourist attractions, cruise port as well as other useful information about shore excursions in St. Petersburg.

The best sights and attractions in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a breathtakingly beautiful city, in which you could find lots of world-famous attractions. As time is limited during the cruise trip to St. Petersburg, we have listed the most popular sights and activities for St. Petersburg shore excursions for you below.

The State Hermitage Museum

The Hermitage Museum is the famous art und culture museum in St. Petersburg. The building of the museum is part of the Winter Palace St. Petersburg and belongs to the core of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

The Saint Isaac’s Cathedral is the largest orthodox basilica in St. Petersburg and the fourth largest cathedral in the world. The construction of the cathedral was completed in the middle of the 19th century and always leaves its visitors in awe due to its enormous size and structure. The magnificent main dome is over 100 m high (333 ft) and plated in pure gold.

Church of the Savior on Blood

Another imposing religious building in St. Petersburg is the Church of the Savior on Blood, also known as the Blood Church (or Church of the Resurrection). Unlike any other churches in St. Petersburg, this church does not follow Western architectural styles, but rather the medieval Russian architecture. This also makes the Church of the Savior on Blood architecturally unique.

Russian Museum

The Russian Museum can be found in Michailowski Palace in St. Petersburg. Russian arts from various eras in the history are on exhibit here at the Russian Museum. In addition to the Hermitage Museum, the Russian Museum is also considered to be the most important art museum in St. Petersburg.

Peter and Paul Fortress

Peter and Paul Fortress is the original citadel, where the foundation stone for today’s St. Petersburg was laid. The fortress was actually built as a bulwark against the Swedes. However the Russians won the war before the completion of the fortress. The complex is later used as a prison and over the time, today’s St. Petersburg was built gradually around this fortress.

Maps of the cruise port in St. Petersburg

The Marine Façade (Passengers Port) is a new and modern cruise terminal in St. Petersburg. The port is suitable for large cruise ships and located west from St. Petersburg and near the ferry terminal.

Beside the Marine Façade, there is also another cruise ship terminal, the so-called English Embankment. This port lies on the central river Neva of St. Petersburg, however, only used as a substitute port for small cruise ships.


Things to know before your trip to St. Peterburg

Shipping companies and routes

A lot of cruise ships from large and well-known cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Oceania, P&O, Princess, NCL, Celebrity, Cunard or Holland America line dock here at the ports of St. Petersburg. Longer routes in the Baltic States also include an overnight stay at St. Petersburg. This gives the visitors the opportunity to undertake extensive shore excursions in St. Petersburg.

Immigration and Visa

A special feature is the St. Petersburg Visa. Normally, all visitors from the US or the UK are required to apply for a visa when they travel to Russia. Since obtaining a Russian visa is time-consuming and your stay during a cruise is short, it is recommended that you book a guided cruise trip in St. Petersburg, which does not require a visa. This is only possible if the provider of the trip can present a special group visa.

For all of our excursions, this group visa is already included and there are no additional costs. Our partners in St. Petersburg will take care of all formalities for you. All we need is relevant information from the passports of all participants (full name, DOB and nationality, passport number, validity and issuing authority). Please send us this by e-mail after your booking. You will then receive a separate voucher from the local agency that will carry out your excursion. You present it at the entry point at the cruise terminal in St. Petersburg, thereby entering the country.

It is not possible to explore St. Petersburg on your own without a guided tour with this special St. Petersburg visa. In this case, you will need to apply for a tourist visa before the cruise.

Taxi and other public transportations

Prerequisite for land excursions on your own is a Russian tourist visa. If this is the case, there is a public transport connection from the Marine Façade cruise terminal with Shuttle bus 158, which runs every thirty minutes.

Alternatively you could also take a taxi in front of the cruise terminal to the metro station or head towards downtown.


Official currency in Russia is the Russian Rubel (1 dollar = 67 rubels, 1 pound = 83 rubels). Cash can be exchanged directly at the cruise ship terminal. Alternatively you can also use your credit cards. In this case, you must be aware that exchange fees may apply and you must provide your ID.

Travel time

The perfect travel time for a cruise trip to St. Petersburg is the summer months. In the months of July and August the weather is the best for St. Petersburg land excursions.

There are some cruise lines that offer cruises in spring and autumn. During this time, visitors should bear in mind that it is rainier and cooler. Prices for cruises tend to be cheaper during the shoulder season.

Website of the Ports and Tourist Organization

Video: Impressions of St. Petersburg


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